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Liverpool Comedy Central is Liverpool's most sophisticated comedy club, set in the plush surroundings of the world famous Blue Bar & Grill's basement club on the Albert Dock.

Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday we provide four of the comedy circuit's finest comedians to bring comedy fans a superb nights entertainment.

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Phil Ellis
Since his he first took to the stage in 2008, Phil has been working audiences with his surreal, madcap meanderings, drawing crowds into his off kilter world. Phil has a unique ability to turn an audience from quiet and uninvolved to fully engaged and desperate to be one of the lucky ones chosen to take part in his latest bizarre scheme.

He has co-written 3 short comedy films called ‘Phil’s ill’ for the channel Dave, which was critically acclaimed, receiving ‘pick of the day’ status in such publications as the The Times, The Guardian and the Daily Mail. He continues to write sketches.

Widely regarded as one of the best comperes on the circuit, he often utilises an old fashioned slide projector to make off-the-wall observations and tell hilarious family stories. His ability to think on his feet means that there is always a slight twist to his set, making each performance fresh and thrilling.

Howard Read
Howard Read is a comic, writer, animator and actor, in that order. He is best known for being one half (and the other half), of the Big Howard, Little Howard, the world's first human cartoon double-act. He is also an acclaimed stand-up comic, writer, author, illustrator and animator.

As a Stand up Howard Read is brilliantly off the wall. Totally silly, songs and jokes and stupidness. The man is a baffoon of the highest order. And in this business that is a good thing.

Daliso Chaponda
Daliso began his comedy career in Canada with the acclaimed one man show ‘Feed This Black Man’. Following this, he began honing his craft in comedy clubs across Canada. Highlights included appearing on the Trans Canada Comedy Trail TV show and perfoming a One-Man character comedy about a torturer titled 'Incisions'.

Before leaving Canada Daliso appeared in the 2005 Just For Laughs Comedy Festival and he used this exposure to secure an agent in South Africa. After 6 months touring the South African comedy scene he moved to England. He regularly appears in comedy clubs and theatres across the UK. He is a versatile comedian and in one week performed a filthy set in Silhouettes Strip Club in Birmingham and then, two days later, did an all-ages one hour show about faith and family in the 2007 Greenbelt Christian Fetsival. 'Everything is funny,' he told a reporter from iafrica.com. 'Why restrict yourself?'

Daliso has also been known to jump on planes and tell jokes anywhere on the globe (even on the planes - whether the passenger next to him wants to listen or not). He has been part of the Melbourne,Edinburgh and Cape Town Festivals.

In addition to Stand up Comedy, Daliso is also a prolific fiction writer. He has also published science fiction, murder mysteries, erotica, literary fiction, religious fiction and fantasy fiction in numerous magazines and anthologies. In 2002 he was a finalist in the L. Ron Hubbard Writer’s of the Future Contest and in 2006 he was short listed for the Carl Brandon Society Award.

Rich Wilson
 Rich Wilson has loved comedy ever since his older nextdoor neighbour gave him a cassette of Eddie Murphy-Delirious."It was the most mind blowing thing I'd ever heard. My young ears had never heard language like it." His comedy aspirations lay dormant until he got a job as a barman at a comedy club in Greenwich, South London, called Up The Creek.
"It was the most amazing job ever. I was in awe of the comics that appeared every weekend."
After getting friendly with a few of the comics, a couple of them suggested that he should give comedy a go himself and so in October of 2004, Rich took his first tentative steps out onto the comedy circuit at a club called The Bullingdon.
"I was booked to do five minutes and I managed about two and a half before I legged it. I've never known fear like it."
Since then Rich hasn't looked back. He is a regular at all the major comedy clubs up and down the country including Jongleurs, The Comedy Cafe and The Big Night Out, to name but a few.
As well as being able to deliver a good strong set, with subject matters ranging from being a young father to observational material on the absurdities of life in general, he is rapidly becoming one of the most in demand comperes in the country with his ability to think on his feet and tame even the toughest of crowds with his likable, charming manner.

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