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Liverpool Comedy Central is Liverpool's most sophisticated comedy club, set in the plush surroundings of the world famous Blue Bar & Grill's basement club on the Albert Dock.

Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday we provide four of the comedy circuit's finest comedians to bring comedy fans a superb nights entertainment.

Liverpool Comedy Central offers a range of packages. Our VIP Premier Package which includes a two course meal in the Blue Bar and Grill restaurant, our one course meal deal package or a ticket only. For more information on any of these packages please
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Our next available show includes...

David Longley
 The comic who turned to stand-up to avoid the school bullies is a cliché. But for Longley, that ploy didn’t work, and now he confronts this issue in his act. Not in a self pitying or Navelgazing way, but honestly nonetheless. And, for fear this is too heavy, it provides the set-up for a nicely sick payoff line.
Somehow, Longley contrives to mix these experiences with more stupidly funny, slightly surreal images, starting with him wishing bad things on children’s TV characters and culminating in a gay mole and other bizarre animal impersonations that go down a storm.

Jonny Awsum
After completing an eight-year comedy apprenticeship as barman at The Chuckle Club, Jonny Awsum exploded onto the professional comedy scene with a crowd-pleasing set that's seen him smash hundreds of gigs all around the world. 
A comedic whirlwind Jonny’s feel-good brand of musical comedy has seen him rise from fresh faced newbie to a highly sought after headline act in a matter of months. Audience members don’t just leave entertained, they leave as fans.
With his likeable style and trusty guitar, Jonny's musings include everything from the white lies he tells his girlfriend to his new home town of Croydon and the memory of his first love at eight years old.
A must for comedy clubs his crowd pleasing set sees Jonny regular ending his sets to standing ovations and demands of an encore.

Philberto, is Milo McCabe's alter ego - An ex-reality star from a small fishing village off the coast of Portugal, Philberto has turned stand-up comic. A frustrated rapper with a rare form of 'Dance Tourettes' he is often unaware of why an audience is laughing and whether it is with him, or at him.

Bobby Mair
 Bobby Mair is a comedian on the rise. In 2011, he won Stand Up and Bite Me, netting himself $10 000 and being nationally televised on Bite TV across Canada. In 2009, he was the People's Choice winner of Stand Up and Bite Me. He will return in October 2011 to film his first half hour special on CTV's Comedy NOW; Canada's largest television network.
In 2009, he got the awesome opportunity to open for his favourite comedian Doug Stanhope in Montreal. Since then has opened for Doug again in Toronto at the Underground Cinema, and to sold out crowds at the Leicester Square Theatre in London, England where Bobby now resides.
Since coming to London he has played for The Stand, Jongleurs, Highlights, Off the Kerb, and The Comedy Tree.
In Canada, he has been to the Calgary Funnyfest, Misquoka Comedy Festival and the Kitchener Comedy Festival. He's been a guest on CBC's "Definitely Not The Opera" and featured multiple times on XM radio including a soon to be released EP produced by Comedy Records.

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